The Kruiser Kabana Episode 97: The Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. AOC Media Double Standard

Deep-Down, Liberals Hate Independent Women

To be fair, liberals hate anyone who is independent. Their dream is to have everyone who is not an elected Democratic official be entirely dependent upon the federal government.

But they really extra-special super-hate truly independent modern women who are conservative.

I know very little about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) other than the fact that she knows how to get the cameras on her. I did a little checking into her today and found out that she has said some things that are a little out there, but the point of this episode is to showcase the double standard in the way the media treats her out-there remarks as opposed to the lavish praise that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) receives when she’s publicly showcasing the depths of her insanity.

There is quite a difference between old ramblings of Greene’s that almost no one knew about until the libmedia thought police went digging through her social media posts and a veteran congresswoman (which AOC now is) telling her 12+ million followers on Twitter that a sitting member of the United States Senate recently tried to have her murdered.

AOC is seriously unstable but is routinely lauded by the media. What’s worse, it’s typically her most out-there things that get the most praise.

Greene may truly be nuts too, we’ll find out. If true, we can marginalize her. Overreaching in the pursuit of self-promotion here in the modern media era certainly isn’t a partisan thing. I’m just saying that I’ve got some wiggle room for craziness on our side while clinical insanity is being adopted into the mainstream by the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media.



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PJ Media Senior Columnist and Associate Editor Stephen Kruiser is the author ofDon’t Let the Hippies ShowerandStraight Outta Feelings: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage,” both of which address serious subjects in a humorous way. Monday through Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.” His columns appear twice a week.