The Kruiser Kabana Episode 95: Kira Davis on the Opportunities for Conservative Media During Big Tech Crackdown

We’re Getting Close to 100!

The podcast iteration of the Kruiser Kabana is nearing its 100th episode and I need to start planning ahead for that milestone. I’m thinking that, at bare minimum, we should have a full orchestra, backup dancers, and a beer fountain.

Or a Tijuana donkey show. I’m flexible.


Friend of the podcast — and our most frequent guest — RedState Editor-at-Large Kira Davis joins me to talk about the first couple of days of the Biden era (spoiler alert: we’re not fans).

The main reason I wanted to talk to Kira this week though was to continue the conversation about what conservatives in media need to do in order to combat the very real existential threat we face from Big Tech. Kira and I tend to be in sync on most things having to do with politics and activism and I noticed that the last couple of weeks we were sort of alone in our efforts to look for something positive in this mess.

Neither of us is dismissive of the fact that conservatives are feeling a little beat up right now — especially this week. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack it in.

This one is another long one. Have fun with it!


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