The Kruiser Kabana Episode 94: Fondly Remembering the Trump Years

So Long, and Thanks for All the CNN Bashing

We’ve come to the time that many of us were dreading. Those of us who were Trump skeptics (stop spelling that with two “c”s, England) back in 2016 came around rather quickly (OK, most of us did) because we realized that what he was doing policy-wise was far more important than whether he was “presidential” during speeches or on social media. In fact, whenever a moderate Republican says “presidential” now I realize its code meaning: “I never want to upset the Democrats.”

The mercurial Trump is just what America needed at this point in history and I will write more about that in the next week or two.

For now, I just wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite memories from the last four years. It’s been a heck of a ride.

Tomorrow we will deal with the Biden horror. Today, let us toast the teetotaler who never let up on the despicable mainstream media.


You’re the best, VIPs! Enjoy!


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