The Kruiser Kabana Episode 80: Parler and MeWe Reviews Because Let's Have Fun Again

Dear Facebook, I’m Seeing Other Social Media Platforms

There has been a lot of talk in the last several days about the conservative exodus from Twitter to Parler. At just about the same time that happened last week, our own VodkaPundit Stephen Green announced that he would be leaving Facebook for MeWe, a platform about which I was only vaguely aware.

I was already on Parler (@stepheneffingkruiser) and decided to begin using it more. Then I created a MeWe account (mewe.com/i/stephenkruiser) and got to work there.

I decided to share my first impressions of the two platforms for the alt-social-media-curious. During my musings, I wondered about the potential for each platform to be competitive with Twitter (in Parler’s case) and Facebook (in MeWe’s). Shortly after I was done recording, I ran across this post in the Washington Examiner:

The CEO of the social media platform Parler says he believes that the company can outpace Twitter within a year.

“We have seen an amazing surge in downloads and new accounts from what was about 4.5 million only one week ago to over 10 million accounts now,” Parler CEO John Matze told the Washington Examiner’s Elisha Krauss this week. “People don’t trust these big tech oligarchs anymore,” Matze added, referring to the social media giants Twitter and Facebook that have been criticized for years over the censorship of conservatives.

“What really sets us apart is that we are ‘hands off,’” Matze told Krauss. “We respect the First Amendment. We respect what people want to say and what they want to do. And we respect that their data is theirs.”

“A year from now, I think we will have knocked Twitter to be second place, I think,” Matze stated. “It sounds crazy, but it’s going to happen. We have the momentum, and now, they’ve given us an inch, and we’re going to take a full mile.”

Pretty bold, but you have to admire his attitude.

Dive in, enjoy, and let’s connect on either platform if you happen to be there.


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