The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 43: Cool Your Jets, MAGA!

Passions are running high right now and causing a lot of people to be absorbed by nothing but fear. On this week’s show, investigative journalist Michael Volpe warns about the very real dangers of being too passionate about politics, facing the Big Tech tyranny, and asking the question: is MAGA hallucinating like the Democrats hallucinated Russiagate? While trying to remain calm, we even get into a few fights. It’s not easy, people. But we all have to do our best to take the temperature down a bit. Do some deep breathing, have a Snickers…but do whatever it takes to chill out and pause for a bit to let reality settle.

MAGA is behaving in some ways like my untrained pup who bites the hand that feeds him out of excitement and over-exuberance. Yes, we know the playing field isn’t fair. Are you new here? Did you just discover that Republicans often backstab their voters for political gain and media praise? Because from where we sit, we are seeing business as usual, not the end of the Republic. Join Mike and me as we try to right some misbeliefs and set your mind at ease. But chances are, in the current climate you’re just going to get angrier with us. Resist the desire to get angrier and try to consider that detaching emotionally from politics might be the best thing you ever did for your own health and for those around you.

Enjoy our very lively conversation and leave your comments below!