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For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Stephen Green, also known as "VodkaPundit," was one of the first bloggers to join PJ Media. He's also the personality behind PJTV's Hair of the Dog and The Week in Blogs, and he appears alongside Scott Ott and Bill Whittle on Trifecta.

You may be wondering where the name "VodkaPundit" came from. As Steve puts it, he wanted "something reminiscent of Instapundit, but dumber."

Steve grew up half-Jewish in the preppy part of St. Louis County. He has also lived in the hip Central West End of the city of St. Louis, among the hippies and loggers of California's north coast, and in San Francisco's extremely naughty Tenderloin district. He currently lives on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with his wife and two sons.

His work background includes the steel industry, pop radio, investing, and new media -- both the written word and video. As the father of two small boys, his hobbies include very strong cocktails and yelling. All of that gives him some small insight into the wonderful and crazy mixed-up mess that is American life.

When it comes to the topics he enjoys writing about the most, Steve says this is something he didn't figure out until recently:

Ed Driscoll covers the intersection of politics and pop culture. Roger Simon's beat is the intersection of Hollywood and politics. Zombie infiltrates the left, armed only with a camera and, one assumes, a careless disregard for patchouli. The list goes on. My beat, it seems, is the absurd in American politics. That must be some kind of job security.
You can find Stephen Green's musings about the latest American political absurdity at Vodkapundit. He's also an active tweeter --  you can follow him at @VodkaPundit.

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