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Rod Kackley is an award-winning radio and print journalist who covers statehouse news from around the nation for PJ Media. He is also a novelist who has recently launched The St. Isidore Collection, a psychological thriller series, which begins with the novel "A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection."

WRITTEN BY Rod Kackley
In one campaign ad, a man peers out from behind the door of a bathroom stall as a woman begins unbuttoning her blouse.
It’s more than seeds and stems that need worry Canadians. They could be barred from the USA because of their investment portfolios.
DeSantis-Gillum gubernatorial election described as the “most nationalized race for Florida governor we’ve ever seen.”
There are 21 gay Republicans serving in elective offices across America, out of the 559 LGBTQ officeholders in the United States.
Trump administration reportedly has “secretly amassed a committee of federal agencies from across the government” to fight back.
But DA says he doesn’t see any need for county sheriffs or city cops to be checking whether an “otherwise law-abiding resident has the correct immigration papers.”