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Jim Treacher, whose real name is Sean Medlock, lives in Indianapolis, whose real name is Indianapolis.

WRITTEN BY Jim Treacher
If anything, his story is even less plausible now. So obviously, that makes me even more racist than I was before I saw his suspected assailants.
Sorry, but it all smells as fishy as the tuna sub Smollett managed to hang onto throughout the ostensible ordeal.
Merely shading the truth isn't enough for journos anymore. Now, in order to get the same thrill, they need to escalate things and flat-out lie to us.
Warren has made a complete fool of herself, and it's funny.
It's not like he's the only genocidal tyrant who ever lived, y'know.
There's no point in getting into the specifics of AOC's GND, because there are none. She's not really a "details" kinda gal.