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Where Is Syria's Asma al-Assad?

Where is Asma al-Assad? The question here is not simply what happened to the article that disappeared some months ago from the Vogue web site, or where might Asma al-Assad be sojourning, and at whose expense. The question is, where is the voice of this woman who so eagerly tried to promote the Assad regime as a beacon of culture and development? She didn't just marry the dictator, bear his children, and cook fondue for the family. She bought into his regime. He provided resources and a platform that flowed from his chokehold on power in Syria, and she used those resources not just to round out her personal wardrobe, but to doll up the image of her husband's dictatorship.

Wherever she is, surely she has access to the news. Is she having second thoughts? If so, this would be the moment to speak up . For the first lady of Syria to repudiate the bloody regime of her husband in Damascus would be a powerful message. Though it may be raw fantasy to imagine such a thing. Is she instead, in whatever hiding place she now occupies, busy browsing the autumn designer shoe catalogues while waiting for the tanks and snipers and torturers of her husband's regime to restore the way of life she was used to? Paging Vogue. There are the makings here of a fascinating follow-up story, one way or the other.

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