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UNRWA Workers Strike For Hamas

Yes, it finally happened -- over the past month, the United Nations Palestinian relief agency, UNRWA, became the direct target of massive strikes in Gaza. But it wasn't Israelis who did the striking; it was thousands of Palestinian employees of UNRWA itself.

As the AFP recently reported, "UNRWA's Gaza schools stage massive walkout."   At more than 240 Gaza schools run by UNRWA, some 7,500 teachers and other staffers walked off the job, taking more than 200,000 students with them. The reason? UNRWA had suspended one of its employees, Suheil al-Hindi, head of the agency's Arab Workers' Union, for "alleged political activities," which the AFP described as "a union activity which was attended by a large number of officials of the Islamist movement Hamas." Apparently the problem was not consorting with Hamas per se, but -- to quote the AFP story further -- Hindi's alleged violation of UNRWA rules that "ban staff involvement in extra-curricular political activities without prior approval of the agency's management."

Hamas is, of course, the terrorist organization ruling Gaza, whose not-so-extracurricular activities include receiving weapons and terrorist training from Iran, launching attacks on Israel, calling for the obliteration of the Israeli state, wishing death to America, and, just last month, extorting the release of a parade of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons, in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Evidently, thousands of UNRWA teachers are outraged by the idea that their union boss should be discouraged from arranging union activities where UNRWA staffers can rub shoulders with a gang of Hamas officials.