UN Eco-Commissars on Bali - Again

And in the UNEP press announcement of this conference, there is already a strong flavor of yet more alarmism, calculated to bring in yet more funding for these folks, as -- I'm not making these names up -- the United Nations Body Burden Forum gets ready to sound alarms about "the toxic chemical burden increasingly borne by the life of the planet." Again -- it's a great idea to actually clean up toxic chemicals. But do you trust this UN crowd to decide what those are? Or to find a reasonable way to do it?

Part of this UN bash will be a special session of the UNEP governing council. That council includes not only such members as the U.S., Canada and Japan, but also Russia, China, Cuba, and Iran -- Iranian government officials being free to join in overseeing and attending such shindigs, despite Iran's being under UN sanctions for its continuing pursuit of nuclear weapons (which, in Iran's hands, would be terrible for a lot of things, including the environment).

There's lots here that bears watching, but I'll round this off with a note that at this plush pow-wow the UN's propaganda engines will be roaring full steam ahead. On Feb. 22-23, this Monday and Tuesday, UNEP will put together a media workshop, on "Reporting Green -- The Environment as News." What fun for the media! A two-day workshop on Bali, by the beach. Will this workshop be teaching the media how to ask hardball questions about things like IPCC findings, UNEP conflicts of interest, or, for that matter, repeat UN mega-eco-conferences on Bali? I'd say, don't hold your breath.