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UN Brings U.S. a New Low in Iran Diplomacy

Every time you think it can't get worse....

It's quite bad enough that Iran is taking over the three-year chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement -- one of the largest voting blocs in the United Nations General Assembly -- and is right now hosting a summit for the occasion in Tehran.

It's even worse that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon decided to attend this summit, and is right now in Tehran, where he met Wednesday with terrorist-backing, pro-genocide rulers such as the putative president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and big boss Ali Khamenei (he of the Iranian Islamic Revolution's modest title "Supreme Leader"). You can see a photo of the Khamenei encounter here, courtesy of Iran's Fars News Agency, in which Ban is leaning forward, head humbly lowered, presumably to catch every word of the enthroned ayatollah.

But on top of that display comes word that Ban, while touring the Tehran regime, has brought in tow a former U.S. assistant secretary of state, Jeffrey Feltman, who just last month moved to the UN to serve as under-secretary-general for political affairs. Actually, what delivered that news more powerfully than words was another photo, released by Iranian authorities and, appropriately enough, dubbed "Photo of the Day" by Foreign Policy. The photo gives a wider view of Ban's meeting with Khamenei, in which Khamenei sat authoritatively in a chair, and Ban sat humbly on a couch -- and there, sharing the couch right next to Ban, is the American, Jeffrey Feltman.

Feltman looks ill at ease, eyeing the photographer while Ban's attentions are all on Khamenei. There are plenty of reasons for Feltman to look uneasy. This is a diplomatic coup for Iran's regime, which tops the U.S. list of terrorist-sponsoring states, thumbs its nose at UN and U.S. sanctions, and continues to pursue nuclear weapons, coupled with threats to America and America's allies -- including the genocidal threat to annihilate Israel. Nonetheless, not only has the UN secretary-general gone to Iran to round out the guest list of Iran's pals in "non-alignment."  He has also brought with him, under the UN banner, a former high-ranking U.S. diplomat, to help pay court to Khamenei.