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Time for a Tea Party at Turtle Bay

Those are just two of the latest items in a list that includes: Iran on a slew of UN agency governing bodies, including UNICEF and the UN's flagship development agency, the UNDP; Libya, China and Russia on the UN Human Rights Council; Iran among the countries overseeing the rights of women; UN efforts to gag free speech in the name of "anti-blasphemy"; sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers of populations they are supposed to protect; brazen violation of UN sanctions by members of the UN's own Security Council; and the apparently endless list of UN proposals to impose its management style on the entire economy of the world, in the name of controlling the climate, commanding the seas, rolling out central plans for the planet, or whatever.

Basically, there is no incentive for the UN to put a brake on such stuff -- barring threats that without better behavior, the funding will dry up. The main gusher of funding for the UN is the U.S. fisc. Don't count on any serious oversight of the UN from the U.S.  executive branch, which -- with the State Department in the lead -- usually prefers to treat the UN as a handy (though sometimes inconveniently toxic) slush fund. Note that almost two years into his administration, President Barack Obama has yet to get around to filling the slot at the U.S. Mission to the UN for an envoy for UN Management and Reform (since 2008, there has been only an acting ambassador in the post).

Repeatedly, it has fallen to Congress, whence the appropriations originate, to ask what U.S. tax dollars are really paying for at Turtle Bay -- and try to do something when it turns out that American money is underwriting the activities of America's enemies. The current Congress hasn't really bothered with any of that. The UN is ripe right now for a good old American tea party at Turtle Bay.