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The UN's Palestinian-Women Shakedown Racket

Another day, another anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations -- this one dressed up in the faux trappings of an assist to Palestinian women. What this resolution really amounts to is one more reason for America to stop funding the UN.

Lest that sound overwrought, let's peer into the UN boudoir whence came this resolution, which passed by a wide margin last week under the anodyne and oh-so-UN title: "Situation of and Assistance to Palestinian Women." Sounds reasonable, perhaps?

Not a chance. This particular resolution came from the UN Commission on the Status of Women, which advertises itself on its web site as "the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women." At least, that's the official blurb. In practice -- regardless of the damage to women -- this 45-member commission appears dedicated above all to promoting moral equivalence between democracies and tyrannies, between the likes of Belgium and Belarus, Israel and Iran -- all of which are currently members. Though in the case of this resolution, moral equivalence would be an overly kind description. The commission evidently prefers to savage Israel while romancing the likes of Iran.

And Iran, notorious for its repression of women, evidently finds this UN Commission on the Status of Women so simpatico that Tehran's Islamic regime went to the trouble of getting itself elected by its UN colleagues to a four-year term on the commission back in 2010. When that expired, Iran got itself reelected to its current term, which extends to 2019.

For anyone who genuinely cares about the situation of women (Palestinian or otherwise), Iran's abiding presence on this commission ought to set off alarms that something has gone very wrong with this UN conclave on "gender equality." But this commission, despite its name, is not really about women; for this gang, women are merely a vehicle for more traditional UN pursuits, such as anti-Semitism and self-serving raw propaganda -- or so this resolution goes far to demonstrate.

OK, so what exactly is this resolution? It was introduced this month by one of Iran's closest pals on the erstwhile women's commission: Ecuador. As the draft text of the resolution informs us, Ecuador introduced it "on behalf of the States that are members of the Group of 77 and China." What is the Group of 77? With 134 members, it's the largest voting bloc at the UN, consisting of just over two-thirds of the UN's 193 member states, plus the Palestinian Authority. The G-77 has an unfortunate proclivity for choosing, as leaders of it flagship chapter in New York, such exemplars of misogyny and/or misrule as Sudan, Yemen and Bolivia . As chair for 2017 of its dealings at the UN's massive complex in Vienna, the G-77 has tapped Iran.