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The Problem with Iran Is Not Lack of Communication

Perhaps they would. But America's problem with Iran does not stem from lack of communication, or even lack of opportunities to communicate. True, America and Iran do not have embassies in each other's capitals. But Iran is not actually hard to get in touch with. You can direct dial a phone call. If American officials want to get in touch with Iranian officialdom in person, they need look no further than East 38th Street in Manhattan, site of Iran's Mission to the United Nations -- where the president of Iran likes to drop by at least once a year, with his considerable retinue, to enjoy New York's five-star hotels and the cream of U.S. security. Iran fields big diplomatic missions, as well as myriad businesses, offices and fronts, around the globe, and avails itself richly of the perquisites of membership in organizations such as the UN. There are plenty of ways and places to talk, and there has been a load of talking already.

The problem is not one of communication. If anything, there has already been quite enough communication so that the real problems are obvious. There are real conflicts here. Iran is ruled by a terror-based, terrorist-sponsoring, messianic regime, with ambitions to dominate the Middle East and attack and eliminate the influence of free and democratic societies, starting with nearby Israel, and cultivating allies among thug regimes in America's backyard. America, one would hope, is against that. This is a conflict that one way or another will be resolved through deeds, not words.

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