Parent #1 and Parent #2 -- Who's First?

But if State officials are serious about this quest for neutrality for all, surely they need to stop the presses and find something more value-neutral than #1 and #2. Genuine neutrality rules out any distinctions drawn from a spectrum, or from a series. Perhaps an answer can be found in geometric forms? -- though nothing that would connote any human features, of course. Perhaps Parent Hexagon and Parent Trapezoid? ... or am I dabbling here in geometric hierarchies fraught with their own pitfalls?

Anyway, brace yourself. Americans fought in World War II for such icons as motherhood and apple pie. These days, I guess the brave men and women fighting in Overseas Contingency Operations to prevent further Man-Caused disasters are expected to comfort themselves that they are fighting for Parent #1 (or #2?) and zero-trans-fat vegetable portions. Hooah.