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Obama's Extremely Historic Plans for the UN

Here it comes -- Party Week at this year's opening of the United Nations General Assembly, complete with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe and the foreign ministers of Belarus, Burma, Syria and North Korea (although, with the UN's practice of giving all 192 members a chance to speak, no matter whom they've butchered lately, it takes a full five days to mill through them all. So the last three in this particular Axis of Antediluvians -- Burma, Syria and North Korea will bring up the tail-end of the speechifying, the following Monday).

And, of course, Obama, Obama, Obama and yet more Obama. Everything he does at the UN right now is -- as his flaks have not been shy about letting us know -- historic, if for no other reason than that -- this being the first UN annual opening of his presidency -- Obama himself has not done it before.

But, in the matter of full-body immersion, he's about to do it now, with three days of  designer boots on the ground in NY. On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Obama will give a historic speak at the Secretary-General's summit on climate change. Then he'll host a historic lunch for high officials of Sub-Saharan Africa and attend what the U.S. Mission has described as a "climate change" dinner hosted (your tax dollars, and the UN's historically high budgets, at work) by Ban Ki-Moon. Which, with Obama in attendance, augurs a lot more historic work toward what the UN would like to translate into historically high levels of regulation and expense affecting almost every aspect of your own daily life. But hey -- how else can one make history?

Wednesday, Sept. 23, Obama will deliver what U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice says will be a "historic" address to the UN General Assembly. He'll also host a meeting with the main patrons of the UN's (historically corrupt) peacekeeping missions, and attend Ban Ki-Moon's annual lunch for heads of state and government. That evening, together with Michelle, he'll host a U.S. reception for the same (historically well-fed) bunch.