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Now Could We Please Refuse Him a Visa?

Here we go again, with Iran's Holocaust-Denier-in-Chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the eradication of Israel -- promising it, actually. In response, the U.S. administration has apparently ratcheted up its rhetoric from calling such threats "unacceptable" (or somesuch equally menacing bit of diplospeak)  to calling them "reprehensible." That ought to have the the terror-masters of Tehran cowering in their in their summer palaces.

Clearly this calls for U.S. measures more persuasive than mainly chasing Iranian front operations from one sanctions-busting shell company to the next.

But while our leaders wring their hands over how to cope with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, and its genocidal threats, there is at least one small thing that could surely be done right now. Ahmadinejad will soon be putting in applications for U.S. visas for himself and his entourage to attend the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York next month -- if indeed, these applications have not been submitted already. There is no good reason why the State Department could not prepare a fitting receptacle in which to file these for processing. Say, a large wastebasket, or perhaps a particularly deep storm drain.

Though an even better approach would be to just say no. Let Tehran and the UN howl. To allow this mouthpiece of a murderous totalitarian state, plus his entourage, yet another entry to America would be beyond... what's that word? ... "reprehensible."