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"Not Helpful"

The above phrase -- "not helpful" -- is from a U.S. State Department Spokesman, describing:

a) A staffer who forgot to turn off the coffeepot

b) A staffer who spelled Secretary of State Clinton's first name with only one 'l"

c) A cloakroom attendant who lost the spokesman's coat.

d) North Korea's in-America's-face test-firing, on July 4th, of  yet another round of missiles, following illicit missile tests earlier this week, in May and in April (in that case a long-range rocket), plus a sanctions-busting nuclear test in May.

... I wish we could rule out (d), but it's the only choice above that goes without saying. The State Department, both under Condoleezza Rice, and now under Hillary Clinton, has for some time now been in the habit of chiding rogue regimes in lingo usually reserved for naughty children.

It is way past time for the State Department to stop producing such twaddle, and address North Korea's brazen threats in terms a lot more hair-raising and a lot less "helpful" to North Korea.