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Midnight Money for Durban III

Not a prayer. Nor did the Obama administration go down fighting. America didn't even call for a vote. Israel was left to make that request. The delegate of Yemen, speaking for the Group of 77 plus China, urged everyone to vote for this fine opportunity to mark, in Manhattan, the 10th anniversary of the 2001 Durban conference (an event at which the anti-semitic and anti-American hate speech became so vitriolic that then-Secretary of State Colin Powell ordered the U.S. delegation to walk out). Before the vote, the U.S. said nothing.

The votes were cast: 102 in favor of money for Durban III.

17 against (including the U.S.).

33 abstentions.

After the vote, the U.S. delegate (not Ambassador Susan Rice -- there was no sign of her at this post-midnight Durban approval session) offered a desultory "Explanation of Vote," saying the U.S. continues to have "serious concerns" about this conference. But having articulated those concerns last month in the General Assembly's Third Committee (not a gang that attracts a lot of  press), he would not "re-articulate them." The Belgian delegate, speaking on behalf of the European Union, also expressed "deep concern," but said the EU will "remain engaged." And so -- uour UN at work -- on to Durban III.