Israel at the UN: Deafening Silence, and a Feckless U.S. Absence

The offensive symbolism just enacted at the UN should not be laid solely at the door of the commander-in-chief. Kerry and Power both hold cabinet rank. Presumably they have some voice and access to persuade Obama that there are some things America, in the interest of its own vital alliances and security, must do. Surely they could have told Obama, during that reported video conference, that it was imperative at least one of them be excused to attend Netanyahu's speech.

Instead, to the deafening silence with which the UN has met Iran's threats to obliterate Israel, we must now add the disgraceful absence of those top U.S. officials entrusted (and well-compensated) to fly the American flag, high and proud, where it is most needed. The UN General Assembly chamber, as Netanyahu spoke on Thursday, was precisely such a beachhead.

As it is, the U.S. is bankrolling a forum where America continues to abdicate its real interests to the likes of Russia, Iran, China, and Cuba. Good luck with that.

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