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Iran Sets Its Sights on UN Disarmament Committee

But could Iran possibly win this race? After all, Iran is under four UN Security Council sanctions resolutions for its illicit nuclear program -- which threatens to kick off a major nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

No problem, at least not at the UN. It's not guaranteed, but of course Iran has a shot at the disarmament committee slot. Iran already holds the 2012-2015 chairmanship of the second-largest voting bloc in the UN General Assembly, the Non-Aligned Movement (119 UN member states plus the Palestinian Authority). Iran already sits on the governing boards of such major UN agencies as UNICEF and the UN Development Program. And for the 2011-2012 General Assembly, Iran got itself elected as rapporteur of the UN's Committee on Information -- which, given Tehran's record of censorship and propaganda, was at least as perverse as running for rapporteur of the committee on disarmament.

For Samantha Power, now on her way to becoming President Obama's next ambassador to the UN, it ought to be a top priority to shut down Iran's exploitation of these plum UN slots. In her confirmation hearing earlier this month, Power noted the absurdity of  Iran presiding at the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. That's the least of it. And if the U.S. administration cannot find a way to stop Iran's raw abuse of the UN facilities and charter mission, not to mention the complete perversion of such terms as "disarmament," then the very least America's leaders could do is stop forking over U.S. tax dollars to pay for it.

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