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Iran and the Wailing of the Copenhagen Choir

What I did come across was the UN's Valkyrie choir.

 That's not the official name. I have no idea who these wailing women are. But every time you boot up a webcast segment from the Copenhagen conference web site, you have to sit through a thematic prelude in which a mass of threads fill the screen and then coalesce into what looks like a ball of gray wool -- though I assume it is supposed to be Planet Earth. This is accompanied by twangly new-age noises, sort of like the underground moving walkway at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. And then, as lettering appears to spell out "COP 15 COPENHAGEN," these thin, female voices kick in, rising in a sort of ghostly soprano wail.

By about the 50th rendition, I began to wonder -- Who are these people? Are they the shield-maidens of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? The sirens of the Kyoto Protocol? The COP 15 Family Singers? How much did the UN spend on this musical embellishment to its selectively posted climate webcast archives? I heard a similar chorus years ago, on a North Korean passenger plane, plying the airways between Beijing and Pyongyang. That was an ode to the glories of Kim Il Sung. Maybe the UN bought the rights?

Here's a sample, if you want to check it out. (Just for fun, I've picked the clip of U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown giving an environmental award to President Felipe Calderon of Mexico -- another classic moment in the rich history of high-level climate back-scratching).