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Haiti: U.S. Sends Help, UN Wants Money

Actually, Mr. Secretary-General, the real problem is not a "technology gap," but a governance gap. The horrors that bedevil Haiti, and account for the lack of decent earthquake-proof construction, are not a simple matter of lack of technology (or lack of yet more billions for the UN to collect, cream off a hefty overhead, and pour into horribly misgoverned countries in the name of more "development aid"), but of years and years of horrendous misrule, which does not allow for the kind of political and economic climate in which people can help themselves, and put technology to good use.

But at the UN, it is bad etiquette to mention gross misrule as a cause of poverty and death. This is the same UN that blames starvation in Kim Jong Il's North Korea on weather and floods. This is the same UN that despite a series of record-breaking budgets involving big money and plans to cope with emergencies like this is now fumbling to catch up. This is the same Ban Ki-moon who has opined that "climate change" has been the chief cause of genocide in Sudan. This is the same Secretary-General who has spent the past three years whipping up global alarm over global warming "climate change," clamoring for more of your tax dollars to bankroll UN plans for massive wealth transfers in the name of (corrupted) science, and encouraging the kind of mindset that has just produced Danny Glover's fruitcake statement blaming the Haitian earthquake on "climate change." Imagine if the resources poured into the UN's Bali-Rio-Geneva-NY confabs that culminated with that climate cult carnival in Copenhagen last month had instead gone into UN preparations to deal with genuine emergencies, like this in Haiti.

As it is, the record suggests that instead of flying to Haiti to try to insert the UN logo smack into the center of relief efforts in which the U.S. is doing the real heavy lifting, Ban could probably contribute more by strapping sacks of rice into those comfortable seats on his special UN plane, and sending those instead.