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For Hotel Hosting Ahmadinejad, Just Another 'International Event'

It's no surprise by now that the United Nations continues to host Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at "high-level" events at its New York headquarters. At the UN, despite its charter stipulation that membership is open to "peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter," it is by now obvious that a welcoming hand (including that of the Secretary-General) is routinely extended to Ahmadinejad as leading envoy of Iran's regime. Never mind that Tehran's proliferation-loving mullocracy is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, a persistent and flagrant violator of UN sanctions, a gross violator of human rights on its domestic turf and a self-advertised hub of genocidal desires regarding the democratic state of Israel, and ultimately the United States (that's the meaning of "Death to America! Death to Israel!").

Hey, welcoming folks like this is part of UN business as usual. As administration officials like to remind us, the UN may be imperfect, but why let that get in the way of the utopian dream?

And that is exactly the message that still seems to be registering with some in the Manhattan private sector, where -- Tehran's track record of terror and proliferation notwithstanding -- it seems it is still possible for Ahmadinejad to find a luxury hotel room for the night. In recent years he has migrated from one plush New York hotel to another -- the Barclay Intercontinental, the Hilton, and so forth -- apparently shut out of return visits after public protests naming the hotels. But it seems there is always another willing establishment. This year it appears to be the Warwick New York Hotel, on West 54th Street. There, if the Warwick brochure is any guide, Ahmadinejad can enjoy fat pillows on which to lay his Holocaust-denying head and dream his radioactive dreams of a new Holocaust. There, he and his entourage will presumably have the pick of  the "richly appointed suites, several with private terraces offering breathtaking views of Manhattan."