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Does Ban Ki-Moon Think It's His Job to Help Destroy Israel?

Or is he simply a fool, dutifully reciting excerpts from the UN's Moral Equivalency Manual and Guide to Validating Tyrants and Terrorists of the Middle East. (Seems like they must have one ... Maybe Kofi Annan left his dog-eared copy to Ban?)

Or maybe it all amounts to the same thing. Whatever might be going through the Secretary-General's head as he pops up to opine about Israel and Gaza, he sounds like he's either pro-Hamas (which, with Iranian backing, is dedicated to destroying Israel) or living on Pluto.

Ban has by now established himself as a knee-jerk subscriber to the UN formulation of "disproportionate force" -- the term which is never applied by the UN to Hamas (or Hezbollah) terrorists launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel, or kidnapping Israeli solders, or gunning down and blowing up Israeli civilians. But "disproportionate force" is habitually howled out by the UN when Israel -- having negotiated and conceded and warned -- finally strikes back, targeting terrorists in its own defense. In practice, this means that terrorists attacking Israel get a ritual and meaningless tut-tut from the UN, usually while UN aid trucks keep rolling in to keep them resupplied. But when Israel attacks terrorists, that warrants emergency Security Council meetings and special press briefings at the highest levels, and repeated, lengthy statements aimed at generating genuine, massive pressure for Israelis to lay down their arms and let the terrorists carry on. Thus Kofi Annan's histrionics when Israel struck back after Hezbollah, unprovoked, attacked Israel out of Lebanon in 2006.

And so, since Israel launched Operation Cast Lead on December 27th, to stop the attacks out of Gaza, Ban has been preaching full-throated Moral Equivalence from the UN pulpit, demanding an "immediate ceasefire," calling on "all parties" to "fully uphold humanitarian law," and insisting that all border crossings into Gaza should be flung open "to ensure the continuous provision of humanitarian supplies." He got worked up enough about it to make a rare appearance in person at the UN noon press briefing this past Monday.