Courtesy of Obama's Nuclear Deal: Iranians Visiting a Nuclear Plant Near You?

There you will find that under the heading "Nuclear safety," this deal sets out that the E3/EU+3 (America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) "and possibly other states as appropriate" are prepared to help Iran with training and workshops in nuclear safety. As part of this plan -- with a focus, mind you, on teaching the Iranians "best practices for safe operation" --  America and its cohorts will -- boldface mine -- "facilitate exchanges and visits to nuclear power plants outside of Iran."

Think about that for a moment. Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Now, in the name of a benevolent international community promoting safety at nuclear plants in Iran, Iranian officials are to be hosted at nuclear power plants abroad, with special attention to their safety procedures.

The Iran deal does not say exactly which nuclear plants among the world powers will host these nuclear tours for Iran. Like many aspects of this deal, the nitty gritty will likely be handled by U.S. officials in secret councils, under captions such as "Nuclear safety." Whose safety, exactly? Let's spell this out: If you happen to live downwind of a nuclear power plant, do you really want officials from Iran -- world's leading state sponsor of terrorism -- casing the joint?