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Climate Deranged - and How to Cope

I'm writing this from Washington, D.C., looking out at cars buried in snowdrifts and hemmed in by snowbanks, along a snow-covered street -- where the occasional pedestrian toils past, like those lone stragglers in an apocalypse movie. I've lost track of whether Washington has already beat the record snowfall of 1898, or is just edging up on it. But if carbon emissions will warm this scene, we're ready to exhale and switch on all the lights.

In Washington, where local authorities can't even keep the streets open, this is of course the week the White House picked to announce plans to set up a new "Climate Service."  This will presumably be enlisted along with the United Nations, the Environmental Protection Agency and Ted Turner's UN Foundation to tell us all how to amend our lives to control the climate of the planet.

On the basis of what? Climate "science"? Thirty years ago, the budding climate-ocracy was sounding the klaxons over "global cooling." Then it was "global warming." Now it's "extreme weather." Hmmm. Would that be "extreme" as in the record Washington snowfall of 1898? That was back in the low carbon-emissions era when people were engaged in such useful projects as inventing better, cheaper incandescent lightbulbs, so everyone could enjoy well lit rooms -- instead of regulating these lightbulbs away because Al Gore and the United Nations said the earth had a fever.

The climate is always changing, and it would be interesting and maybe even useful to understand how and why. But mankind is not there yet. The "consensus" packaged as "science" by the UN is unraveling as a fraud, and the eager interest of many governments in jumping aboard the climate train can increasingly be seen for what it is: a pretext for taxing and controlling your life, in ways likely to do nothing for the climate, but plenty for the crony climate-ocracy.

What's the real answer to changes in weather? Here's one place to start, right now, in Washington:

It's called a snow shovel.