Click Here for Central Planning

OK, all you Americans still clinging to your guns, religion, and failed ideas of the past two centuries or so about a country built on individual enterprise and responsibility -- here's your chance to get with the new program.

To go with the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," a.k.a. the "stimulus bill," a.k.a. the $787 Billion Great Leap Toward Socialism in America, there is the new web site, -- which describes itself as "the centerpiece of the President's commitment to transparency and accountability." Think of it as the Facebook of the Welfare State, the Twitter of the Visible Hand.

This site promises all sorts of interactive graphics and data to come. But one of the graphics already online is an amazing display of central planning in action. It shows a map of all 50 states, and as you roll your cursor across each state, you can see the number of "Jobs created/saved in next 2 years." The numbers are both unnaturally round, and highly specific: 369,000 jobs "created/saved" for California; 269,000 for Texas; 37,000 for Iowa; 12,000 for Rhode Island. A pitiful 8,000 for Alaska -- though I'm sure that's nothing personal. You can play with it here, on the Estimated Job Effect page.