Bravo to The Interview

The setup comes as Skylark and his producer arrive in Pyongyang, and are shown a grocery store full of tasty-looking food, with a chubby little boy nearby, waving to them. Despite his producer's warnings, Skylark accepts all this as the way things really are, and has a great time befriending Kim Jong Un.

Later in the movie, having caught a glimpse of Kim as the cruel and ruthless tyrant he really is, Skylark goes for a late night walk as snow drifts down on Pyongyang (in the movie, North Korea's minders have unrealistically melted away during this scene, but never mind). He goes back to the grocery store, and discovers the entire thing is a Potemkin display. The shelves of food are a fake backdrop. The luscious looking fruit stacked by the window is made of plaster. Horrified and furious, he calls out "fake, fake, fake!" and shouts into the night "liar, you liar!"

That leads on to the moment in which, before the TV cameras, while interviewing Kim Jong Un, Skylark elides from the official questions scripted for him by North Korea, into one of the real questions. He looks Kim Jong Un in the eye, and asks, "Why don't you feed your people?"

It's a question asked by a comic actor, in a Hollywood spoof, addressing another actor playing Kim Jong Un. No matter. This is a scene that one way or another, the world needs to see. Bravo.