Portland's Rioters Weaponize Waste as the Violence Keeps Escalating

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Portland’s rolling riot took several disturbing new turns Friday night.

That city, run by Democrats, is besieged by violent rioters night after night and has been for more than 80 days. As the police attempt to de-escalate the situation, the rioters double down and re-escalate. Another word for “de-escalation,” based on Portland’s experience, might be “emboldening.”


On Friday night, the Daily Wire reports hundreds of the rioters stormed residential neighborhoods and threatened the residents.

Hundreds of far-left activists stormed a residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon on Friday night as they shined lights into people’s home and screamed, “out of your house, into the streets!”

Videographer BG On the Scene captured numerous videos of the night’s action and identified those who were marching as Black Lives Matter protesters.

Andy Ngo identified antifa in the crowd too. Residents of the neighborhood must have been surprised when the lights and shouts woke them up since Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler assured America that the antifa-led violence in Portland is mythical. Who are you gonna believe, Portland, Democrat Jerry Nadler or your lyin’ eyes?

Here’s a sample of what happened last night in once peaceful Portland.

Police do nothing because the city’s elected Democrat leadership orders them to do nothing. Do Democrats elsewhere think this is a good idea, the right way to approach public safety? An unbiased media interested in facts would get every Democrat in office or seeking office on the record regarding what is happening to Portland. Do Democrats support or denounce this roiling violence?


The Washington Examiner reports the rioters have come up with a disgusting new weapon against the police, who again are allowed to do nothing because their political leaders dictate this approach.

As many as 200 demonstrators rampaged near a police station in the Oregon city, pelting a protective line of unoccupied police vehicles with golf balls, softball-sized rocks, metal railroad spikes, paint-filled plastic eggs and balloons filled with feces. (emphasis added)

One must be seriously disturbed to come up with the concept, create it, and then use it. Imagine the strategy meeting in which one guy raises his hand and proposes “What if we, you know, stuffed our poop into a child’s toy and then fling it at police? How awesome would that be? And imagine the positive PR this will get for us!”

The fact that he wasn’t politely but firmly told no and walked out of the meeting is disturbing enough. The weaponized waste reportedly made it into the field of operations.

Every step of this process should cause a rational human to seek another path. But here we are in antifa’s Portland, 2020.

The First Amendment notes the value of peaceful protest, linking assembly directly with peace right there in the plain text.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (emphasis added)


The same amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion too, for it’s worth. In Democrat Gavin Newsom’s California, that’s not worth very much.

None of the tactics antifa and BLM are using now in these riots are peaceful. They’re not even limiting their protest to the government. Invading neighborhoods and demanding the residents join them or else is another step beyond seeking a legitimate redress of grievances. It’s coercion. So much for the freedom of association.

In addition to the above in Portland, Chicago rioters are explicitly threatening private property rights and justifying looting — which is another word, in the current context, for organized crime.

And for what it’s worth, no one need avoid using the word “riot” anymore. This activist uses that word to describe their own actions in this hilarious video telling people not to spread videos of them as they commit crimes, because it “endangers” the lives of the rioters.

So much for freedom of speech and a free press wherever antifa does its thing. Give them power and suppression of everyone and everything they disagree with will happen swiftly. They will steal property. You will be forced to join them under threat of violence. There will be no justice and no peace for anyone.

Reality in Portland is that the city is out of control because the political leadership is allowing it to spin out of control. That leadership is composed entirely of Democrats. Is chaos an official or unofficial Democratic Party policy? Why did no one address any of this during the funereal infomercial they aired last week?


Does Joe Biden agree or disagree with what’s taking place in Portland and Chicago? Does he agree or disagree with the Democrats who have defunded police in Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, Portland, and Austin? Does he embrace Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s call for even more riots, or denounce it? Does he agree with Nadler that antifa violence is just a myth? He never brought it up during the convention. What’s his hot take on all this? Can his social media handlers stir themselves to tweet about it?

Media can’t ask Biden, because unlike President Trump, he doesn’t take questions anymore unless they come from Cardi B.

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