Zelaya Returns to Honduras (Updated)

He asked Brazil to turn Mr. Zelaya (who is now inside the Brazilian embassy) over to Honduran authorities for trial and noted that:

This problem which has arisen for Honduras is of an internal nature and should be addressed and resolved internally utilizing Honduran processes.

This is not a matter which concerns international security or peace.

Confident in our inherent right to do so, we will defend our representative democracy, our sovereignty and auto-determination … all together, government, nation, civil society, police forces, armed forces and all the people of Honduras.

Hondurans (men and women) have confidence and faith in your government; we are here ready and willing to defend you all. God bless Honduras. Long live Honduras.

A Univision poll produced the following results: jail Zelaya (61 percent), open a dialogue (24 percent), eject him (12 percent), reinstall him (3 percent). Six thousand, six hundred and ninety-nine people voted in the poll.

The curfew, imposed on Monday, has been extended until 6:00 p.m. today. According to an article in La Prensa, "dozens" of protesters were removed from the vicinity of the Brazilian embassy. They fired rockets, danced in the streets, torched a police vehicle, and sought refuge in nearby shops. Police responded by firing tear gas.

BBC provided comments from supporters of Zelaya and from those who don't want him back. Many expressed concern that Zelaya's return will promote nothing more than violence, and want him to go away and to see the elections held as scheduled on November 29.

The Honduran situation will doubtless be much in the news for another day or two. Further updates will be provided.