#YourVoiceNow -- Sound the Alarm: The Little Black Box Is Coming

Never has your voice been more important and never has your voice mattered more. Your voice is necessary. Your voice is needed -- now. Engineers have created a vast array of exciting and pertinent technologies that have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and play. Yet they have also opened gaping loopholes for tyranny. What’s the latest one? The little black box.

On a daily basis, we are discovering the invasions of the federal government into our private lives. They are using the very tools we crave, value, and refuse to relinquish: cell phones, e-mails, Google searches. The government now listens to what we say, reads our e-mails, harvests our e-mail contacts, and analyzes our Google search habits. Even stores target our shopping habits, thrusting delegated ads onto our screen. A dinnertime conversation at a restaurant isn’t even safe. With every bite we chew we are vulnerable to strangers who may be videotaping us.

Our freedom to talk, freedom to socialize, freedom to communicate via the marvels of these new technological wonders have ironically cast the very net for our own capture. We are, quite simply, being watched, monitored, and analyzed with our own permission. We sign the social media “agreements” because if we don’t we can’t have the social media we seek. Does anyone really read the “agreements”? We are blindly forging into mass communications, which allow ubiquitous big brother to monitor our behavior and navigate our private lives.

We do this because we still relatively trust our government and/or because we innately think that we are not the bad guys. However, define" bad." How can we possibly know all of the laws and abide by them, or know if we are breaking them, if we can’t understand them? We are being hoodwinked by our own naiveté.

But, be aware. Be warned. There is something coming that marks the dividing point of no return. The little black box. Now the greedy governments, both on a state and federal level, want to monitor your car. The government wants to monitor your driving habits, the number of miles you drive and -- where you drive. Why? Taxes and control.