Your Weekly Dose of Nancy Pelosi Madness

Madame Pelosi, who is worth millions of dollars and could easily pay for her own travel, says she can't visit the troops on Mother's Day and it's all the sequestration's fault.

PELOSI: Every year for the past few years, on Mother's Day, I've gone--I've taken a delegation--into Afghanistan or Iraq, we're alternating now, now Afghanistan--for Mother's Day to say thank you to our moms and, by the way, our grandmothers, who are serving there. Some young grandmothers. But, nonetheless, grandmothers. To also thank all of our troops for what they do to protect America's families. I won't be going this particular weekend because we don't have--you know, under sequestration, we don't have codels.

Madame Pelosi made the remarks at her weekly press comedy stand up hit/press briefing.

It's unlikely that any of the troops are heartbroken over her absence.

Today we get a double shot of Botox on the brain. Pelosi also wants the world to know that she thinks the Gosnell trial is "really disgusting." But:

“When we talk about reproductive health for women, that’s not what we’re talking about,” [Pelosi said]. Except that it is: The difference between what Gosnell did and what late-term abortionists idolized by the left do is a matter of about 10 minutes and 10 inches between the inside and outside of a womb. Not surprisingly, he received referrals from mainstream clinics.