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You Should Never Despise Your Enemy

We are, after all, all Americans. We are brothers and sisters living in a land pioneered by a tough, compassionate people compelled by the desire of a life free from tyranny. Presently, we are trapped in the tyranny of our own hatred of one another. We have become a nation where intellectual debate and rational reactions are obsolete.

Diverse opinions are rich and viable if they can be steeped in an avenue that leads to productivity. We, as a nation, are stuck in the mire of “me first” and “my way.” We cannot survive as a nation with such selfish divisiveness. We must not despise our enemies. We need to respect our fellow Americans' desires and opinions without despicable behavior.

Love our enemies as we love ourselves. Respect our differences as we celebrate our similarities. Resolve our vivid and vast ideologies with a compassion bred by a shared heritage -- we are all Americans. Forging the streams that concurrently challenge our differences is the bridge upon which we build our future. Acceptance of our uniqueness with a resolve to find commonalities is our only chance for survival.

Ironically, our enemies are within our own borders, as we are our own worst enemy.  The resentments that reside in our hearts will ruin our resolve to be the people God made us to be, upholding the country God gave us to keep. America is a treasure. The America that is the hope of all mankind is best represented by a man that is kind. May we not shatter ourselves with shameless ego.

During an election year ripe with divisions that cultivate civic war, may we not forget our national character. May we not despise our enemies but nourish our freedoms to be unique, culminating in an America that is steadied by her rudder of reason.