You Break It, You Buy It

How any times did you hear that as a child, or say it to your kids? Probably more than a few, and the total will certainly rise as we enter the prime shopping season and tote the tots into the malls of America.

But have you really stopped and considered the simple lesson in the phrase? You are responsible for your actions (not me); you must pay for your own mistakes.

Children, of course, need to be reminded of this, as they learn how to be members of society and learn to be careful. But actions being louder than words, what do they see all around them? Do they see consistent evidence of personal responsibility… or passing the buck? Are they seeing the adults around them act like kids?

As an example, take the most primary thing we all “own,” ourselves. If you break  you, it is your responsibility, not society’s. The diabetes level in the overall population is nearing 10%, and is almost a third for seniors. In Oklahoma, it was announced that there was a tripling of diabetes since 1995. But should society be responsible for obesity-related diseases such as diabetes? Of course not. You break it, you buy it. And no, we don’t need to pass any laws to protect you from you and your lack of personal responsibility. Nobody is forcing you to order the quart-size caramel whipped cream mocha latte each afternoon as a treat. And as long as cigarettes are legal, feel free to smoke; just don’t pretend you aren’t aware of what they can do.