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Those who have paid attention to Palin’s words and deeds as governor of Alaska, Republican vice presidential candidate, and the mother of a combat soldier (her son Track served a tour in Iraq) must have noticed that she has backbone. When she talks about national security she exhibits a decisiveness and determination far removed from the Jimmy Carter-style approach of Obama. She is far more reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher or even Ronald Reagan in this area.

Our country’s relationship with Israel is but another area in which Palin would usher in a complete reversal of the policies we’ve seen under Obama. Whereas the current administration has been markedly anti-Israel, Palin would not only support Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorist threats (like those coming from Hamas), but would encourage Israel to be unapologetic in doing so.

She’s already on record saying Israel apologizes too much.

So WWPD to address the myriad of errors and bad policies that have brought our country to a screeching halt under Obama? She’d seek energy independence through domestic production, shrink the size of government, cut taxes, and fight mindless regulation. She’d also use the military the way it’s supposed to be used: as a tool to crush our enemies and thereby keep Americans safe. And she’ll make sure our allies, like Israel, know we plan to stand with them through thick and thin, and to support them when they use their military the way it’s supposed to be used: as a tool to crush their enemies and thereby keep Israelis safe.

I can’t help but think that somewhere, somehow, Reagan is smiling.