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Wrong Battle, Wrong Enemy

Instapundit has pointed out that for a few million dollars, conservatives could buy up some of the women’s websites that get enormous audiences, and subtly change the political spin. It is a slow process, but over time this approach alters the basic assumptions that many LIVs have about the world. Think about the movie Death Wish (1974): do you think it played a part in changing popular perceptions of civilians engaged in armed self-defense?

Movies, music, and television are other areas where the left has been promoting their message for decades, and when they are subtle about the message, they actually make money at it. Lots of money. We can do it too -- in fact, we might even make more money at it, because there are a lot of Americans who are still fundamentally on the right. Look at The Passion of the Christ (2004): more than $611 million in revenues worldwide. Act of Valor (2012) has brought in more than $81 million worldwide -- considering what it cost to make, that’s spectacular. PJ Media contributor Bill Whittle is wrapping up post-production work on The Arroyo right now. From watching the trailer, I can see where it is going, and I am very pleased, both with the entertainment potential and the subtle message potential.

Here’s the question: are there enough conservatives who believe that we need to soften up the beach so that Republican political campaigns are not mowed down on Election Day?

Even more tragic: why is it that the capitalist spirit is stronger on the left than it is on the right? Sure, the left is rich, but at least partly because they are prepared to make entertainment that people want to watch. So far, I have not found evidence that rich Americans on the right are that interested in making money.