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Wow, They're Still Blowing Up Iran

Two more explosions today.  One at the big refinery in Isfahan, the other at the very important Revolutionary Guards base in Kerman, which is the headquarters for the RG's operations in the East (think Afghanistan, etc.).

I don't have casualty figures yet, but the Kerman blast was a biggie.

I am told that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei hasn't made a public appearance in more than two weeks.  I don't have any way to check this, but he certainly hasn't been hogging the spotlight of late.  That role is being played by the Iranian currency, the rial, which is in the same death spiral as the regime.  It's dropped from 1300-and-change to the dollar to 1500-plus in a couple of weeks.  Maybe Khamenei doesn't want to talk about the resounding success of his regime?