Worrisome Security Breach at HealthCare.gov

In effect, the government of the United States has knowingly opened and is encouraging the use of a website that they know is fatally flawed security-wise -- and just don't give a crap. Mr. Dougall's calls to HHS should have set off alarm bells all over the place. Instead, security is apparently far down the "to do" list for those trying to fix the thousands of glitches in the system and no one at the department bothered to return his calls.

Heritage cyber-security expert Steven Bucci had this to say:

“Once it goes out over the system, it is vulnerable,” Bucci said. “There appears to have been a singular lack of concern for security. The site needs to receive and transmit sensitive personal information, yet it has less than state of the art security.”

Bucci said if a doctor’s receptionist speaks too loudly about personal information so that others could hear it, that’s a violation of the law.

“Functionality and security have to be the hallmark of programs like this one,” Bucci said. “The site has failed on both counts and has further weakened the confidence of the American people.”

You wonder if there was ever a massive security breach if the government would even tell us.