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'Women Warriors': New Movement Challenges Liberal Feminism

They know that Obama and his administration are not telling us the truth about Libya; that the deaths of four American heroes are not “bumps in the road”; that blaming the heroes’ deaths on free speech was not only un-American, but a lie. Women Warriors know that regarding the safety of our people in Libya, Obama did nothing and blamed America.

They know that al-Qaeda is not defeated and will settle for nothing but the destruction of America. They know that Israel is our ally and that Iran is our enemy; that meeting with Netanyahu is more important than being on The View. They know that regarding Israel and Iran, Obama has made the situation worse.

Women Warriors know that we have enough energy in our country to be self-sufficient, and that we must be self-sufficient because the Middle East is imploding. Women Warriors know that we need to extend the Keystone XL pipeline and to drill and harvest energy here at home. They know that gasoline prices have doubled under the Obama presidency. Women Warriors know that regarding energy independence, Obama has done nothing.

Women Warriors know the vital relevancy of the constraints of the United States Constitution. Women Warriors know that the checks and balances in the Constitution preserve our Bill of Rights, and that the usurpation of power by the executive branch is tyranny. Women Warriors know that religious freedom means not only religion out of government, but government out of religion. Women Warriors know that the day the people are not guaranteed armament is the day tyranny ensues. Women Warriors know that Obama considers the Constitution outdated and irrelevant; that Jodi Kantor reported in The Obamas that Michelle Obama didn’t know if true change could be accomplished through the legislative process. Women Warriors know that Obama has worked to sidestep Congress and to govern by decree.

Women Warriors fear a president who wants to lessen our defense capabilities. Women Warriors fear a president who whispers to our enemy, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “wait until the election is over.” They know that regarding maintaining our military primacy, Obama has done nothing.

Women Warriors know that Senator Obama often voted “present” -- did nothing -- because he didn’t want any votes to hinder his election to the presidency. That Obama did “nothing” on these pertinent issues because he has something in mind that would trouble most Americans. They know he has already signed an executive order which gives him power over certain resources in times of crisis. They fear an unconstrained, second-term President Obama. Women Warriors know that Obamas “Forward” is America’s “change” into a dominion from which we could never recover.

Women Warriors are, to quote George Washington, “trembling for the fate of America.” Not for free birth control.

Woman Warriors know that we need a president who will abide by the constraints of the Constitution and resist the vanities of power, who will stand behind the inconveniences of truth and not cower from the responsibility of strength. Woman Warriors know that Mitt Romney will not fail us as President Obama has failed us and would continue to fail us.

Are you a Woman Warrior? Are you tired of liberal feminism? Join Women Warriors on October 27 and get out the conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, independent, and Tea Party women’s vote for Mitt Romney.