Will the U.S. Fail Syria Again?

After Clinton's announcement, the Iranian mullahs -- along with Hamas and Hezbollah -- sighed with relief. Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan publicly supported Assad, as did King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. And the U.S. pulled its fleet from Bahrain. Intentional or not, the U.S. missed yet another golden opportunity to re-energize its allies and change the course of history. Assad will now take his vengeance on the Syrian and Lebanese people -- and foment new conflict to harm Israelis. As long as the Assad regime lives, the region is in turmoil.

Burying conflicts and horse trading with weak countries make America weak. If the U.S. is willing to save an unpopular Assad when his people are demanding an end to his regime of terror, its own measure of power suffers. Freedom does not come in different colors or sizes. The moment politicians differentiate one people’s freedom from another, or trade freedoms as if they were a Cold War commodity, we become hostage to our own short-sightedness.

This Friday is a major test for the Syrian opposition. If it erupts again in Syria, all bets are off. Syrians will be watching the world community diligently. Will it fail to support the Syrian people and fail to condemn Assad when he begins massacring our people again?