Will the Tea Party Back Israel?

The hate for the right harbored among the left, and especially liberal Jews, is shameful. Dick Armey told us he has been called "an evangelical Zionist and an anti-Semite in the same day."

Glenn Beck is one of the most hated media figures among liberal Jews, and yet he is, without question, cable news' most ardent supporter of Israel. During the last few months Beck has devoted large segments of his programs to educating his audience about the significance of Israel and why America must stand by her. On April 19, he had a seder on his set to commemorate Passover and exhorted his audience:

Israel must have our support, and I’m not talking about military support; I’m saying they must have our support as a people. They have a right to survive, and to be free from extermination, and the people who want to vaporize them. They have a right to defend themselves. Will Americans stand up and say that? [Israel has] a right to hold on to the land taken as a buffer zone between them and the people who want to kill them […]. That’s the support they deserve, the support they have earned and the support that is required.

You wont see this type of rhetoric on MSNBC or from the president. Despite this, four hundred rabbis recently wrote a letter criticizing Glenn Beck. Do these rabbis support Israel?

Taking all this into account, AIPAC's session on tea partiers and the Christian right makes it apparent that the tea party movement can be counted on to vigorously defend and support the state of Israel.