WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Arrested

Previously released WikiLeaks documents redacted names of sources in order to protect their identities. These sources include everything from native translators in the war zones, to agents inside enemy networks, to cooperative local nationals, to princes and kings and presidents. The "poison pill" documents are said to be unredacted, meaning names of sources from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond are all included for the world to see. Exposing these sources will expose them to enemy action. It would do even more damage to the ongoing U.S. war efforts than previous releases have already done. It would get people killed, if it works as advertised.

Unfortunately for him, his "poison pill" threat virtually assured that he would be arrested and sent to Sweden to face his criminal charges. Politics more or less favored his ongoing elusiveness; the UK hadn't moved against him and the Obama administration has reacted to his campaign against America with remarkable tepidness. For the UK to allow him to run free after the blackmail threat would amount to giving in to the threats of an amoral criminal. That could not stand, lest every other extradition agreement to which the UK is party come into grave question as to whether politics and fear will trump the law and their word.

Many on the left will continue to celebrate WikiLeaks' disclosures as "brave" and even "patriotic," lauding the advertised purpose of the leaks and Assange's personal defiance, but they would be wise to pause for a moment and ponder just what sort of man they are celebrating and supporting. Assange's "poison pill" blackmail threat is the action of a sociopath, a man who cares not one whit for the "transparency" he claims to cling to or the many lives his moves may end. Julian Assange is a man who evidently thrives on chaos, whose actions are those of an enemy of the United States and of the peace of the world, and whose tactics are those of an international criminal who believes that he is above the law.

And to think, we arrived at this point because blackmailer Julian Assange released a trove of "tawdry tittle-tattle" that we mostly already knew.