Why We Need Voter ID, According to Disillusioned Democrat Artur Davis

And while I’m not an expert on United Nations terminology, basically they filed a complaint against us with the UN Commission on Human Rights, and the basis for the complaint was the incredibly devastating potential to suppress this little thing I'm holding up, or so they were told.

Now I won’t even get into the fact that Cuba sits on the UN Commission on Human Rights and Cuba would not know a free election if it walked in and did a burlesque dance in front of it.

I won't get into the fact that China sits on the UN Commission on Human Rights -- and China has many great virtues as a great competitor and sometimes partner of ours, but in China, unless you're one of a small group of provinces that actually do get to cast votes in some of their local races, China has never had a free election in many histories of dynasties and centuries. They make us look like the rookies as old as that civilization is; they have never had a free election.

Saudi Arabia sits on the UN Commission on Human Rights. Saudi Arabia occasionally experiments with voting, but if you're a woman you're not part of the experiment.

You get my point. Not quite the group I would expect to judge our integrity when it comes to elections.

[South Carolina] Attorney General [Alan] Wilson touched on this [during today's panel discussion], some other speakers touched on it. You know the arguments on the other side, and frankly the most powerful argument rhetorically on the other side is, oh, to have photo ID it will have this effect of diminishing participation, it will have the effect of crushing the ability of all kinds of people who wish to vote, and they're talking very candidly about many of our minority citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we dial the clock back four years ago when some of us had no gray hair and some of us had more hair?