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Why the Shock Over Atlanta Teacher Cheating?

Long before the teachers unions ruined their whole profession, liberals made the decision that the goal of racial integration would trump the merits of the individual. Long before busing policies caused white flight and turned truly integrated schools into ghetto ganglands, the outright rejection of objective standards in our public schools was set in policy stone. Cheating administrators and teachers led to cheating students and ‘round and ‘round it went.

Long before God was completely removed from public classrooms, liberals decided that lying and cheating for the sake of appearances would be just fine. Long before metal detectors had to be installed, the culture of crime was set by the elites.

Long before the special-education kids were brought into the mix, liberals decided that the appearance of rights granted would trump genuine education. Long before the drugging of kids to avoid the difficulties of real discipline, liberals decided that appearances of a calm classroom would trump real learning taking place.

America’s public education system has been a sham since those very first look-the-other-way decisions were made by social-engineering elites. The biggest lie of all is that liberals will say to their dying day they did it for the children.

Never has such a shameful pile of self-serving poppycock passed for “love.”

I still remember from the '70s a very prominent ad for charitable giving.  The United Negro College Fund solicited donations to support the system of historically black colleges with this haunting statement:  A mind is a terrible thing to waste. It was so true then.  It is still just as true.

And sadly, the vast majority of those Atlanta school children cheated out of their educations were black. Self-serving, self-advancing, self-deceiving teachers and administrators have succeeded in wasting more genuine human potential than one mind can possibly even conceive -- all of it sacrificed on the phony altar of liberals’ vainglorious pretense. If this isn’t a crime against humanity I truly cannot imagine what would be.

If those administrators and most of the teachers had been white, this cheating scandal would be now denounced by liberals as nothing short of “racist terrorism.”  But since the highly acclaimed superintendent is black and originally from Jamaica to boot, this whole scandal will be whitewashed in liberal double-speak and individualized in the extreme.  Atlanta’s black mayor can get away with calling the release of the scandalous GBI report “a dark day for the city.”  A white mayor would have been rhetorically tarred and feathered for such a blatantly “racist” statement.

That’s just the way it is in Orwell’s America. In a few months, the furor will be barely remembered. The shock will have given way to more wasteful study groups and education seminars and requests for more taxpayer funds for more sham schools. And more human minds will be wasted by phony teachers holding phony degrees, but getting real paychecks.

Shame?  No, not here.  We’re way too far gone to feel shame.

We’ll just pretend we’re shocked.