Why Shouldn't These Three Ladies Be Allowed to Marry Each Other if They Want?

Doll, Brynn and Kitten (their real names as far as I know) live in Massachusetts. Despite the fact that Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage via court edict years ago, it still oppresses those who wish for something more.

Brynn and Doll dated for eight months before moving in together. Two years later, they purchased a house together. 

Having both enjoyed polygamous relationships before, Doll and Brynn looked for a third woman to join them. After a few failed liaisons, Doll and Brynn created an OKCupid couple's profile. Eventually, they received a message from Kitten.

Good ol' OkCupid, flinging the arrows of love hither and yon. Except when it's flinging hate at Brendan Eich, anyway.

Doll, Brynn and Kitten went for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant for their first date and immediately liked each other. 

Doll says: 'There was an instant attraction with Kitten but I think we all really bonded when we baked cookies together on our fourth date. I didn't know what love was until the three of us clicked like that.'

Brynn adds: 'With Doll and Kitten, things finally made sense. It was as if the puzzle was finally complete with all three pieces.'

Within a few months, Kitten moved in with Doll and Brynn. Two years later, they decided to get married after Kitten proposed the idea to them.

Kitten says: 'I had always wanted to get married and I guess Doll and Brynn indulged my wishes! I had a very traditional upbringing and marriage had always been an important symbol of commitment for me. We wanted to celebrate our love in a wedding like everyone else.'

Well, of course. The heart wants what the heart wants.

The threesome spent several date nights planning their dream wedding - making decorations and shopping for matching traditional, white gowns.

Brynn says: 'Planning our wedding was hectic. It took a lot more organizing because there were three brides involved. 

Kitten, Brynn and Doll had to work with the legalities of the state to get married to each other. As being married to more than one person is not currently legal, they had to combine handfasting, legally binding documents and legal marriage.

Well, why isn't being married to more than one person legal? What's the rationale behind that? They're consenting adults, so what's the big deal? It must be equal parts hatred and intolerance. That's what the courts keep saying in their rulings on marriage. You may have a problem with the throuple, but who are you to draw the line?

They should sue. They'll win.

Read the rest. The trio plan to use science and/or adoption to obtain children. It's a good thing no Catholic will be involved if they go the adoption route.