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Why Should Government Pay For What Goes On Inside The Bedroom?

At the August 8, 2012 rally in Denver featuring Sandra Fluke and President Obama, many women came out to hear Obama’s support for government-mandated birth control coverage.

Caleb Bonham interviewed a few attendees, asking the question: "Why should government pay for what goes on inside the bedroom?"

Some of the answers are shocking and hilarious.

Here’s one typical exchange (starting at 0:33):

Woman: I’m, like, all for abortion and I’m all for birth control.

Bonham: So you don’t think the government should be involved in what goes on inside the bedroom, correct?

Woman: Oh, exactly.  Not even close.

Bonham: So then why do you expect the government to pay for what goes on inside the bedroom?

Woman: [Long pause] Uh, because....

Welcome to Flukonomics!

(Note: Even though I support abortion rights, I oppose government funding of birth control or abortion.)

H/T: Ari Armstrong.