Why President Obama Is Really No Worse than el Presidente Chávez

Change we can believe in takes time so patience is necessary! As shown by these graphs from the Washington Post, things are already changing in Venezuela, thanks in part to the firing in 2003 of twenty thousand subversive Venezuelan oil workers, many of whom are now doing their thing in Colombia. Another factor has been the failure to maintain and improve oil infrastructure. This has been good for Venezuela because oil, the Devil's Excrement, can be harmful to the nations where it is produced, as President Obama in his wisdom is also well aware.

The Dissident Voice continues,

The Chavez government sustained living standards by instituting price controls on food and other essentials, which sustained popular demand at the expense of profiteering by the owners of super markets. The Chavez government nationalized lucrative gold mines and repatriated overseas reserves in the course of financing its demand-driven economic recovery program, eschewing tax concessions to the rich and bailouts of bankrupt banks and private businesses.

The article fails to note with appropriate pride that inflation is officially now 25.1 percent -- second only to the Democratic Republic of Congo -- and rising again. This is one of the many areas in which Venezuela leads the world in economic expansion. Others include violent crime --

In Iraq, a country with about the same population as Venezuela, there were 4,644 civilian deaths from violence in 2009, according to Iraq Body Count; in Venezuela that year, the number of murders climbed above 16,000.

Even Mexico’s infamous drug war has claimed fewer lives.