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Why President Morsi is in Trouble

Egypt turned into a failed state. Constant fuel and power shortages and increasing street violence made life difficult. The Muslim Brotherhood refused to listen to the people demanding change.

When Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood tried to deal with the Nile River crisis -- an issue that involves Egypt’s share of the Nile River water with other African countries -- they considered starting a military campaign against Ethiopia, which planned to build a dam that would severely limit water flowing into Egypt. Needless to say, such action would probably have started a war in this critical region.

Americans must wonder what specifically makes the Obama administration support Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt. The administration seems inclined to deal with the biggest cross-continent Islamic organization in order to force the Brotherhood to serve the administration’s interests in the Middle East, mainly when it comes to Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood offered the Obama administration what they can't refuse: a solution to the Syrian civil war. They are more moderate than other Salafists and jihadists in Syria's "Nusra Front." The Muslim Brotherhood said they will force the Syrian jihadists to stick to a clear agenda for what will come after the downfall of Assad. The Muslim Brotherhood convinced the American administration that they can control the flow of weapons.

But all of this is gone with the wind due to the overestimation by the administration of the power of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the MB's attempts to work for their own agenda regarding the Middle East.

The Egyptian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood is very much involved in the Syrian civil war. They are hosting Syrian refugees in Cairo and training them to take over after the downfall of  Assad. They collect money from Egyptians to send to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood chapter, with the aim of buying the services and loyalty of independent Syrian militia.

They seduced the Egyptian youth with their religious slogans about jihad in Syria against infidels. Hundreds of Egyptians were trained to use heavy weapons and bombs; then the Brotherhood  sent them to Syria. The same scenario happened with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion. After the Egyptian jihadists returned from Afghanistan in the 1990s, they began a series of suicide bombings against tourists, also attacking historic temples and high-ranking police officers. They spread fear in the hearts of Egyptians.

When Morsi came to power he appointed the infamous Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam Al Haddad as his advisor for foreign affairs, but for all practical purposes he's the actual foreign minister. Ever since his appointment, he has stuck to the Muslim Brotherhood agenda regarding other Arab countries.

Haddad and another Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mahmoud Ghozlan, pressured the Jordanian government to appoint five Jordanian MB  members as  ministers in the new government. That caused tension between Egypt and Jordan. In return, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Morsi’s administration would guarantee the export of natural gas to Jordan at reasonable prices. In response to their blackmail, the Jordanian government applied new  laws for Egyptian workers in Jordan. Fifty percent of them were forced to leave their jobs, hunted in the streets, and then deported back to Egypt .

Muslim Brotherhood rule in three main countries in the Middle East has caused instability and tensions between governments -- all  in order to serve their own interests. Those interests include the return of the caliphate, where, of course, the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood would be installed as the new caliph. This is the main reason for establishing a cross-continent organization such as the Muslim Brotherhood: to rule the region in the name of Islam.

On Sunday, June 30, Egyptians took their anger to the streets. They protested against the Morsi administration and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Egyptians are protesting against the Brotherhood imposing their beliefs on Egypt, as well as protesting against fascist rule in general.

The protestors are demanding a stable Egypt and stable Middle East. They are demanding a better future for the nation. And the only way to achieve that is to force Morsi to step down.

Americans should demand that the Obama administration stop supporting fascist rule in Egypt. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood  will create another Osama Bin laden, and will eventually destabilize the whole Middle East.

I am an Egyptian student who became involved in politics in 2005. I was involved in organizing demonstrations against Mubarak, against military rule after Mubarak's exit, and against the Muslim Brotherhood now.

I am writing this message while I am being threatened with losing my freedom, and even my life.. The Muslim Brotherhood leaders  have threatened everyone who organized the June 30th demonstrations against Morsi (June 30 Front), in which I played a role in organizing the youth of the country.

Will you keep silent?